Casting Your Vote

Conference calls work well for a small group, but when the group is large, like all the Represenatives of the Council, another way to make group decision can be useful. Forum votes serve this purpose. The vote should be announced in a mass email to the Representative and include a deadline.

Forum votes are also used to elect Council Officers (Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary).

COUNCIL VOTES are on the FORUM under "Council or Chapters," "Voting." You must have an individual Forum ID & passwrod to vote or comment on the Forum. Getting one is the right of passage for every Representative.

Every page of the Council website has a direct link to the Forum on the right-hand sidebar.

Here's how to to cast your vote.

If you don't have a Forum Login, you need one (for this and other Forum actions). Request a Forum Login ID and password here.

Login to the Forum. If you need help, you will find Forum Login instructions here.

Scroll down the list until you find the Council (currently FNPS Reorg Planning > Chapter Council), click open and look for the Topic displaying the vote. 

Mark your choice. That's it! Results may display immediately or be announced later.

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