The Initiatives (general information)

Initiatives are scheduled to be reviewed annually (continued, changed, or replaced) by the Council. Make sure this review process is started at the Conference and completed at the following Council meeting according to what the Council decides at the Conference.

The workgroups for the 2015 and 2016 Native Landscape Initiative are shown below. 

Where do the initiatives come from?

Council initiatives come from the FNPS strategic plan. They are related to our Society Mission and whittled down from strategic plan priorities into achievable Council Initiatives. Annually, the Council must review its Initiatives so that they evolve with the strategic plan of the Society and change based on the shortcomings and success of the prior Initiatives. 

FNPS Strategic Plan, August + September 2013

FNPS Strategic Planning Document Review (suggesting priorties), Feb 2014

Initiative Principles from Horseshoe Lake (August 16, 2014)

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Work Plan Template

First, talk with your work group. It is good to brainstorm and make a list of the many exciting projects that might address the Initiative. From those many ideas you will eventually need to choose just one. Or perhaps you will see a common thread in several of the ideas and create from that theme a more inspired project idea.

During this process some of the work group should research for what is already been done and discover resources that inform the proposed project. Some of the best knowledge about native plants is within FNPS, start by talking and meeting with the Board Committees. It's a good idea to include Board Committees on you email list, so if they see something related to your project, they can make you aware of it.

One meaning of Initiative is "a fresh approach to something." The successful project will be the one that has importance and excites the enthusiasm and creativity of the work group. Take as long as you need to be confident that you really have a good idea. Then through the Work Plan, refine the idea into a feasible (and fundable) project.


Native Landscaping (a brochure in 6 regional versions)


Below are the people originally assigned to identify the landscape plants to feature in their region and provide bullet points for each species. Many, many others contributed. This has been one of the most collaborative works we have ever participated in and remarkable for including people with experience in conservation, restoration, science, landscaping, and enthusiast gardening. Each discipline has quite different perspectives on what is appropriate to recommend and how things should be written to represent the best practices of the Florida Native Plant Society. Yet the did collaborate, sometimes passionately, to produce the brochures above. We thank them all.

Central Jon Popisil (Lake Chapter)
Central Jenny Welch (Pine Lily Chapter)
Central Neta Villalobos (Seminole Chapter)

Northeast Linda Schneider (Nassau Chapter)
Northeast Judith Zinn (St. Johns Chapter)
Northeast Sonya Guidry (Volusa Chapter)

Northwest Sandi Saurers (Alachua Chapter)
Northwest Jude Simpson (Hernando Chapter)
Northwest Carol Sullivan (Suwannee Chapter)

Panhandle Deb Fable (Sweetbay Chapter)
Panhandle Jonnie Smallman (Sweetbay Chapter)

Southeast Richard Brownscombe (Broward Chapter)
Southeast David Martin (Indian River Chapter)

West Coast Janet Bowers (Suncoast Chapter)
West Coast Al Squires (Mangrove Chapter)





Represenative Chapter County
Richard Brownscombe (lead) Broward (Coontie) Broward
Carol Sullivan Sparkleberry Suwannee
David Martin Eugenia Indian River
Al Squires Mangrove Charlotte
Sonya Guidry Paw Paw Volusia
Neta Villalobos Bell Cuplet Fern Seminole
Jon Popisil Lake Beautyberry Lake
Sandi Saurers Paynes Prairie Alachua
Judith Zinn Sea Oats St. Johns
Linda Schneider Ixia Nassar
Deb Fable Sweetbay Bay
Donna Bollenbach (graphic design) Suncoast Hillsborough



The Original Pre-Council Task Groups

Four Council Task Groups (PDF)

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