What is "Google+"?

Many things. For example, Google+ a place to put documents where others can see them AND edit them, a place to meet up with others in your group, a place for photos, etc. Below is help central for Google+, so you can discover Google+ for yourself.


Google Docs

The Council is currently using a feature of Google+, known as Google Docs, to share and collorate on growing a list of quality speakers for Chapter meetings. You can see who has spoken to nearby Chapters, their topics, and their contact information. If you know a good speaker, you can add them to this list. Collaboration for finding quality speakers was one of the first things Chapters wanted from the new Council.

Google Docs provides shared spreadsheets, documents, and other applications to help us work collectively.


Google Communities

Google provides another suite of tools for communicating with others who are online when you are online, or for scheduling a time to meet up, or for leaving messages for others to see when they "drop by" or for sending messages for others in the community.

The Council has some similar capabilities through the FNPS website. For example, the FNPS Forum, is a place to post discussion topics, attach documents, and vote. The site has pros and cons, Google+ has pros and cons, so we will gradually find the best place for each feature and put it on the How To page (see tab above).

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