Make a Calendar Entry

          The Council Login is the same as Chapter Login, except it has a unique ID & password. If you are scheduling Council subcommittee or group meetings, ask the Council Secretary for an ID and password. You can get the Secretary's contact information using your Chapter Login and go to the Society Contacts pages.

          Instructions are the same for Chapter Calendar entries and Council Calendar entries, except the Login ID (Chapter ID or Council ID). Open the FNPS Calendar.


If your Login is the Council, then filter for Council events. If your Login is your Chapter, then filter for your Chapter events.


In the far upper right corner of webpages, there is a dark red glass button. Click it. Then click the pencil or "edit" button. The Admin area is off limits. Contact the Council Secretary if you need help with the Calendar. You can Logout here when you are finished.


Add a new entry or edit an existing entry to open the entry Editor.


Complete the information for your Calendar entry and don't forget to Save before you exit. If a meeting is cancelled, there is a Delete entry button bottom left. You can look at your entry on the Council (or your Chapter) Calendar. Logout when you are satisfied.

There are two common quirks of the Calendar Editor. Pasted type sometimes appears larger than the rest on the final Calendar (even though it looks OK in the Editor). You can avoid this by typing in text, rather that pasting it. You can also "Paste and Match Style" from some browsers or you can "clean" the copied text in a Text Editor (e.g., Make Text Plain). You can also "repair" it using the View Source [code] editor. Replacing <div> </div> with <p> </p> may return the type to the smaller default or you may have to remove or edit span style codes. We know; these methods aren't for everyone (see final paragraph).

If you add images, they don't show up on the final Calendar (even though it looks OK in the Editor). Using HTML, find the image path and insert in front of the slash (/) of the trucated image path. The entire image path must remain inside the quotes " ". Now the browser will be able to find the image on the website.

HTML edits are exacting and not for everyone. But if you make a mess of it, you can always Delete the entry and try again. Remember. It's a great service to committee members, the Council, and the FNPS Board and staff to see committee meetings posted on the Calendar. Thank you for taking the time to put them there!