In-person and Online Council and Subcommittee Meetings

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NEW Minutes of the Council meeting May 18, 2017 (2017 FNPS Annual Conference at Westgate River Ranch)

          *See Appendage I. Suggestions from Council of Chapters workshop

Minutes of the Online Council meeting April 23, 2017 (online)

Minutes of the Online Council meeting March 5, 2017 (online)

Minutes of the Council meeting February 11, 2017 (Gold Head Branch SP Annual Retreat Meeting)

Minutes of the Online Council meeting January 29, 2017 (online)

Minutes of the Council meeting November 5, 2016 (Englewood Meeting)

Minutes of the Online Council meeting October 23, 2016 (online)

Minutes of the Online Council meeting July 7, 2016 (online)

Minutes of the Online Council meeting May 19, 2016 (at the 2016 FNPS Annual Conference in Daytona Beach)

Minutes of the Online Council meeting Apr 17, 2016

Minutes of the Online Council meeting Feb 21, 2016

Minutes of the Council at Turkey Lake Aug 15, 2015 - revised Sep 11 (.docx)

Minutes of the Council online July 26, 2015 (.docx)
Corrections to minutes
(by Jan Allyn)

Minutes of the Council online June 21, 2015 (.docx)

Minutes of the Council Meeting at the Annual Conference in Tallahassee, May 28, 2015 (.docx) 

Minutes of online Council Meeting, March 15, 2015 (DOCX)

Minutes of Archbold Retreat Council Meeting, Feb 8, 2015 (DOCX, includes BOD & other Retreat meetings)

Minutes Disney Preserve Council Meeting pending

Minutes of Live Council Meeting at Horseshoe Lake, Aug 16, 2014

Minutes from Council GoToMeeting July 27

Minutes from July 24 Initiative Work Groups Meeting

Minutes from June 22 Online Council Meeting (GoToMeeting)

Some highlights of the meeting included:

1. At least three proposals for Region Groups to be voted on at the July 27 Online Council Meeting
Join us on the Forum > Council of Chapters > Discussions > "Council Region Groups" (each proposal is posted in an entry attachment within that discussion topic, 3 proposals so far),943.0.html

If you can't get comment ("Reply") please read these Council > How To (instruction) pages:,943.0.html

2. NEW: Clarification of the purpose of Initiatives and how to make a list of emails for each work group

3. Calendar Council meetings (SOP requires a year in advance, so please submit the rest of the proposed dates through July 2015)

Minutes from May 15 Inaugural Council Meeting
Thank you Scott Davis, Council Secretary