Polling and Voting Online

Tip: Polls and votes are the same, except we usually think of a vote as more formal. A Forum vote can serve the purpose a Motion in a live meeting. Forum votes are also used to elect new Council Officers via this online vote. More informally, it's a way for for a workgroup to decide or approve something and go on with the next thing. Below are instruction for setting up a vote. If you just want to cast a vote, visit this page, How to Cast Your Vote.

Login to the Forum. If your Login is “Forever”, confirm your name at the top of the Forum.

Click to a discussion about which you would like to conduct a poll or vote to make a decision.

Note that you can Add a Poll to a discussion. Click to see the polling options.

Polling options are flexible, so you can word any Question and provide up to 5 voting Options. If you list 5 Options, and then allow "Maximum votes per user: 5," a voter can select any 1, 2, 3, 4, or all 5 Options. If you list Option 1: “Yes" and Option 2: “No," then allow “Maximum votes per user: 1," a voter must select either “Yes" or “No," not both. If “Show the poll’s results to anyone.” is selected, voters will be able to see how people have voted before making their own vote.

In the "Council of Chapters," "Voting" section of the Forum, you can explain issues clearly and add attachments, if you choose, prior to Adding a Poll.

Polling implies an informal survey of opinions. One could make a more formal Motion, as we do in meetings, and ask for a formal vote. In this case the Options would probably be “Yes,” “No,” and “Abstain” with “Maximum votes per user: 1.”

Formal votes would likely be presented only with the agreement of the Committee Chair or group’s leader, since a decision formally advances the direction of the group. Presumably, any member of the group could “Call the Question” with a formal vote, and the group would decide whether or not to make a formal Motion and then take a vote on it.

Whether any of these live meeting procedures work on the Forum depends on the number of members who participate on the Forum. All Represenatative should have an ID and password to use the Forum. Even though the Forum has its drawbacks, it is currently the best form of two-way online communication we have. Facebook or other better applications may one day replace the Forum, but for now, this is the agreed upon "forum" for two-way online communication.

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