Report and Contribute


The best way for the Council to solicit ideas and information is often through polls and surveys, and occasionally through written reports.  Be conscientious about responding to requests so the voice of your Chapter is heard. 

Since Chapters are the "front line" for Society work, great ideas and innovations often originate at the Chapter level.  Chapter Representatives are in a unique position to share strategies so that all Chapters can benefit and the Society as a whole can become more effective.  Speak up at meetings, ask to be put on the agenda, or write an article for the Sabal Minor to share successes and what is working for your Chapter. 


While communication takes place via various methods and at meetings, the real work of the Council to effect change is accomplished through the initiatives and collaborative efforts of the members.

The Council has working groups that are addressing issues and initiatives – these will vary depending on projects and issues.  Ideally, each Chapter Representative should volunteer to serve on at least one subcommittee. Email a Council Officer or speak up at a meeting to volunteer.


If you have questions or problems, please contact the Council.