FNPS Resources

FNPS Handbook

The FNPS Handbook is the official FNPS resource for Chapter Operations. Please notify Council leaders  of errors, needed updates, and additional information for Chapter Operations so we can improve upon it. Your assistance will make that task easier.

Information in this area is extensive, so look here first for Chapter resources. The paragraphs on Chapter Finances concerning application to pay sales tax has recently (2014) been updated.

Chapter Meetings

Recommendations for managing chapter meetings are in the FNPS handbook at https://fnps.org/handbook/chapters/meetings/.

Speaker Tips

This page is for presenting resources to help Chapters have good speakers at their meetings. The Council has started a collaborative Speaker Contact List where you can view speakers and topics and add speakers to the list. 

Field Trips

Find official FNPS field trip guidance in the handbook at https://fnps.org/handbook/chapters/field-trips/.

Other Events

See the FNPS handbook at https://fnps.org/handbook/chapters/chapter-events-and-public-education/

More Chapter Resources

As you think of resources useful to Chapters, send them to the council secretary (see Home page) for posting.