Chapter Contributed Resources

The items listed on this page were contributed by Chapters who either created them or found them useful

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (publication)

Produced through a grant from the Wildlife Foundation of Florida, “Planting a Refuge for Wildlife”is available for $5.00 a copy (plus shipping and sales tax). Order copies from the Wildlife Foundation of Florida at For 10 or more copies or for wholesale inquiries, contact Visit to learn more about creating wildlife habitat at home.

Treasure Coast Natives (a blog)

This is a wonderful collaboration of George Rogers, John Bradford, and Dee Staley for learning the plants of the Treasure Coast. If your Chapter is in that area, or even quite far afield, you may want to provide this link to your members and the public.

Promoting Native Landscaping (a PowerPoint presenatation)

Keely Coulter of the Heartland Chapter created this looping landscape slideshow as a greeting backdrop for chapter meetings as people gather and wait for the featured speaker or event. It's a wonderful way to present landscape concepts and ideas. More than that, Keely has generously invited any of us to download, use, and even EDIT this PowerPoint presenation with our own chapter name and details appropriate to our unique locations. Click on the link below to download the Heartland Chapter landscaping presenation (and make it your own). Thank you, Keely!
Download is a PowerPoint Presenation (3.2 MB) "FNPS Greeting Slideshow":