Current Council Initiatives and Working Documents: 

Each of these initiatives has a folder on the Council Google Drive - Current CoC Intitiatives section - with working documents.  Please Contact the Council if you need access. 

Council Guidance (formerly SOP) Update (Melanie Simon) 

  • Complete. Revision document approved by Council on 9/27/20.  Subcommittee included Bonnie Basham, Wendy Poag, Mark Kateli, Athena Philips, Taylor Figueroa and Diane Caruso.

Council Website Update (Melanie Simon)

  • In work.  Bonnie Basham and Mark Kateli are supporting revision.  Additional volunteers are welcome.

Inter-chapter Relief Fund (Athena Philips/Mark Kateli)

  • Ongoing.  Fund established and administered by Cuplet Fern.  Chapters need to pledge support (see Google Drive) to participate.

Student/Young Professional Conference Scholarship (Gail Taylor)

  • Ongoing.  Preliminary recipient candidate list and intent document posted on Google Drive for Chapters to use if they want to promote interest in native plants and FNPS by helping a student/young professional attend the annual conference. .

CoC Orientation and Training (Wayne Baker)

  • Initial work session pending.  Subcommittee includes Melanie Simon, Diane Caruso, Lucy Breitung, and Karen Walter.  Additional volunteers are welcome.