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This page is all about about the Council operations. Visit the Resources tab for information useful to Chapters.


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The following is a Presentation on "What does it mean to be an FNPS Chapter Representative" describing the the structure of the council, duties of officers and reps, and the resources available to reps to enable them to be effective as Chapter Representatives. This is a useful tool to introduce new Chapter Representatives to their role, as well as an overview for current Chapter Representatives. If you see any errors, or have any suggested changes to the presentation, please email us.
What does it mean to be a Chapter Representative?

Working With Others (improving Council communication)
Live Meetings, an article  Quicklink  (to the next meeting on the Calendar)
Initiatives (also: original 4 pre-Council task groups)
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How to address a group email to all the Chapter Reps or all Chapter Presidents

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Online Discussion
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Standard Operating Procedures

          Council Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) establish routine and preferred (agreed-to) method for all Represenatives to conduct Council business. They are not "laws" and should be changed if they don't facilitate Council operations and effectiveness. An ad hoc SOP Committee should be established by the Council leadership to make needed changes. Changes do not need to be routinely ratified by the Representatives, unless there is a significant controversy about a procedure that cannot be resolved by the SOP Committee and generally favored by the group. They are similar to office procedures.

          Rules that are required to be followed by everyone within FNPS are in the FNPS Bylaws. All SOP guidelines need to be within the letter and intent of the FNPS Bylaws. The FNPS Bylaws reside on the Forum.


Purpose, Goals and Powers of the Council of Chapters

          The Society's governing Board Of Directors established the Purpose, Goals and Powers of the Council of Chapters: To serve as a communications bridge between the chapters and the FNPS Board of Directors, to share information, and initiate programs and actions, consistent with its goals.

To read the full document, please follow the link above.